Vedic Maths in 10 Days - Free Course

Are you tired of being mocked or laughed upon due to your math’s skills and have been tired of looking for a simple solution?

Find powerful secrets from vedic math ,that can improve your speed of calculation and that too in short time. Learn simple and easy math trick.

Not everybody is a born genius in doing calculation and many a times the school education is not sufficient enough or do not teach you the simple and right ways to learn - How to use simple math’s and be genius at it.

Sadly the focus is always on the textbooks and the teacher's are just concerned in teaching the theoretical aspect. Some students do have a knack for math, but not everybody.

Like many others, I struggled myself during the early years. I could not believe how my friends were doing such hard calculations in seconds. I used to assume that they by-heart each and every calculation but soon realized that was not so. Neither did I have the courage to tell my father who was a genius at math that his very own son really sucks at math calculation. Oh! You should see my dad calculate – he is quick but I do beat him now, at least in most of the cases.

Once I was in high school, I taught the pressure would be less, at least we can use calculator now and I do not need to go through that ridiculous calculations over and over again, but I was so wrong. The entrance exams all had calculation whether it was for graduation purpose or post graduation. I was really jealous about one of personal friend – Ah! I hated his calculation wits, tricks, magic….

At this particular time in High School I decided that I need to change things around me. I cannot blame or ignore math calculation for the rest of my life. If I didn’t do anything at that point then I was sure I will be left behind in the race of life. Luckily, I found this course where they were taking a ‘2 Day seminar on Vedic Maths’. I told my girl friend at that point that we are going for this seminar and dragged her along with me.

The seminar was an eye opener but a huge disappointment at the same time. I was taught new ways of doing calculation and the guy who taught us surprised me. It was so easy – It was like a miracle. The tricks he taught us could have been useful even to a 10 year old kid and that kid would solve it in no time. On the other hand the seminar was too short. I learned a few tricks but I knew that wasn’t enough.

I did all the things possible to grab the wealth of new maths trick and grabbed all the possible books on vedic maths available from the nearby store. I went on the Internet and got all the possible free articles out there. I even contacted the person who delivered the seminar, but the price he asked was huge and during that time it was impossible for me to pay that much or even devote that many days.

The result – All the internet articles proved to be useless. There was hardly good example and I found them hard to understand. The books comparatively proved useful but the language was boring and it again talked more about the theory on vedic maths rather than the actual tricks. However, over time in some or the other way all the books proved helpful but I was surprised at the way the information was presented and used. Trust me on this, when I say – ‘It was a disaster in terms of my time’.

For this very purpose I have designed this course to cover the basic and the important aspects of Vedic Maths. Who is this course designed for -

  1. Students who are in School.
  2. Students who are in High School.
  3. Students appearing for Entrance Examination specially relating to MBA studies.
  4. Professionals who require high speed calculation such as stock broker, forex dealers, etc.
  5. People who are interested in learning maths trick and impress their friends.
  6. People who want to improvise on their calculation.

This course is not an advance course, though we recommend some advanced courses once you have finished this course.

The course has been specially designed so that it is easy, less time consuming, to the point with direct example and no theory [except the essential], flexible and not over whelming as the same time.

  1. The course is spread over 10 days as this is what I felt was important to create 10 basic stages which will help lay the ground work for quick learning and help you in future.
  2. Each course is divided into specially areas of calculations and it will be optimal for all age groups due to this simple factor.
  3. There are 2 test session which helps a person check his progress and if needed can opt for revision of previous days.
  4. Each part is explained by giving out the steps involved. This helps in easy learning and quick grasping.
  5. Each method has more than 2 to 3 examples which are sufficient for understanding purpose but will require more practice from you.
  6. As mentioned earlier, this course does not deal in theory and history of vedic maths but is pure application of maths trick, using vedic maths.
  7. The information provided is learned from various sources including the internet, books and my colleagues from this area.

It is very important that you take the right action -now-. You will have amazing result once you take the task and it will improvise not only your career life but as well as boost your confidence in math.

This course is ABSOLUTELY FREE as of now. But I do not promise that it will remain free for much longer considering the over whelming response from the large number of internet users.

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I look forward to see you in the next 10 days and teach you the neat maths tricks that will transform your lives.

Warmest Regards,

Rahul Makhija.